Experience what it’s like to be a firefighter!

Peabody and London Fire Brigade are offering an intensive five-day firefighting course to young people aged 13 to 17.  You’ll learn about many aspects of fire safety and prevention, including casuality rescue techniques, breathing apparatus, first aid equipment and how to use ladders. 

The course is run by local firefighters.

Find out about the award-winning LIFE programme on Saturday 30 June from noon to 3pm at the Senior Citizens’ Hall, Pembury estate, 103 Hindrey Road, London E5 8HQ.

Ring or text Sharon Barbour on 07768 536 725.  You can also email her at Sharon.Barbour@peabody.org.uk.


Facebook App training for 16-24 year-olds

Facebook and Apps for Good are running a free training course to introduce 16-24 year-olds to making apps that help solve problems in their community. 

See the leaflet for more info: Apps for Good

Hurry, deadline is April 27th!