Cockney Sparrow Count

Our friends at London Wildlife Trust need your help counting sparrow’s in London.  Here’s what they say: “One of London’s favourite birds is in huge decline and we’re asking Londoners to step-up for nature by taking part in our ‘Cockney Sparrow Count’.

Everyone is welcome to take part. You don’t have to be a bird expert! Simply fill in this form anytime between 18 June and 12 July 2012 telling us if you see house sparrows in Greater London. It can be done anywhere in an hour; at home, along your street or on a lunch break at work. It’s just as important to tell us if you don’t see any house sparrows, as we want to know where they are missing too! You will help us gain valuable information about where these birds are surviving.”

This is what they look like:  

If you spot a sparrow fill out this form and mail it in: Cockney Sparrow count postcard