E5 Workshop Wraps Up

Every Thursday for 5 weeks, residents from Pembury have gathered at the Round Chapel to discuss their visions for the future of the area.  With the help of Dr Noha Nasser from the University of Greenwich, residents developed new resident-led project ideas for the Pembury Estate and envisioned ways they could become a reality.  Peabody staff also participated.  Discussion was always lively, especially as projects were narrowed down to ones that were to be prioritised.  In the end, a gardening club expansion, monthly big lunch group for youths, upgrading youth facilities, and renovating the garages were at the top of the list.  Everybody is now working on the next steps that need to be taken to make dreams a reality.  

The workshop is finished, but it is just the end of a beginning.  Now that we have ideas, we need people to help make them happen.  If you’re interested helping out on any of the proposed projects, please contact Neighbourhood Manager Victor at victor.longe@peabody.org.uk.

Lots of ideas on that wall!

A resident's Hackney Gazette article from the future


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