One-to-one money advice at Pembury Feb. 10th

An independent financial adviser from MyBnk ( and the Money Advice Service will be at the Pembury Learning Centre on February 10th.  Call ahead at 020 8986 9745 to book your one-on-one confidential appointment.  Busy on the 10th?  Call the Money Advice Service at 0300 500 5000 to speak to an adviser on the phone.

Before you go, take the money Health Check ( so that you can come prepared with questions and priorities. 

Money tip of the day from the Money Advice Service: Keep track of your spending

1. write in your diary or put reminders in your mobile phone when payments, such as insurance, TV license, and car tax, are due

2. keep cash-point receipts ad cheque-book stubs and check them against your bank account each month

3. check your bank and credit card statements as soon as you get them.  Call the bank or company if there is anything wrong or suspicious.

4. keep a spending diary so that you can keep to a budget


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